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Two Discovery Square

Mortenson is now building and leasing Two Discovery Square, a 125,000-square-foot, adaptive, highly secure building with leading-edge technology. As the first WiredScored-Certified building in Rochester, Two Discovery Square will enable digital diagnostics and analyses, imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), and research and development well into the future. 

Upon its completion in Spring of 2022, Two Discovery Square tenants will further the entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit in the Discovery Square District.

Unprecedented access to Mayo Clinic experts, facilities and services

Tenants of One and Two Discovery Square have unprecedented access to Mayo Clinic experts, labs and research facilities to help speed advances from bench to bedside. Every tenant can meet with Mayo Clinic Ventures for routine reviews of new intellectual property. The collaboration can extend to opportunities for evaluation and co-development of new and existing technologies with input from distinguished clinicians and scientists. 

​Tenants also have a strategic workforce advantage. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science offers cutting-edge programs in biomedical research, medical and clinical education, and entrepreneurship. World-class faculty can tailor innovative training and curriculum to meet companies’ evolving staffing needs. 

Reinforcing Rochester and the Discovery Square District as a hub of medical advancement, Mayo Clinic is constructing the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building, a new $120-million research facility adjacent to One Discovery Square.

Tenants at One and Two Discovery Square have access to many of Mayo Clinic's Core Services, including:

Genome Analysis Core

  • Genome, Exome and Transcriptome Sequencing
  • Genotyping
  • Gene Expression


  • Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • Plasma/Serum Separation 

​Immunochemical Core Lab

  • Mass Spec, Cobas, Elisa and RIA Platforms for Small Molecule Analysis and Other Analytes 

Metabolomics Core

  • Mass Spectrometers, Liquid and Gas Chromatography Platforms to Identify and Analyze Metabolites 

Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core

  • Electron Microscopy
  • Light Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry 

​Pathology Research Core

  • Sectioning Both Paraffin-Embedded and Frozen Tissues 
  • Automated Staining for Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence and RNA in Situ hybridization
  • Tissue Microarray Construction with 60 to 360 Cores
  • Digital Analysis of Whole Tissue and TMA Slides
Other core laboratory resources could be available. Please contact Chris Kolbert for more information.
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WuXi Diagnostics

WuXi Diagnostics chose One Discovery Square for its R&D center – its first U.S.-based location – because of the proximity to Mayo Clinic. WuXi is establishing a next-generation, integrated-diagnostic-enabling platform to improve healthcare practice and advance patient care. 

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Center for Regenerative Medicine

Mayo Clinic established the Center for Regenerative Medicine in 2011 to research and develop technologies to repair diseased, injured or congenitally defective tissues and organs – a vital component of medical and surgical practice in the coming years. Efforts in each of the center’s programs, which build on Mayo’s extensive research resources and clinical practice, span the full spectrum of discovery science, translational research and clinical application. 

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Rion is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on developing a new type of room temperature stable biologic – exosome therapeutics – that activate the body’s innate ability to heal. Rion’s mission is to develop innovative exosome therapeutics that are clinically impactful and broadly accessible.

What is a WiredScored-Certified Building?

WiredScored Certification assures tenants that Two Discovery Square will facilitate global digital connectivity, providing the speed, coverage and capacity data-driven organizations require. WiredScored-Certified buildings have met rigorous standards and evaluations for resilience and future readiness of the building’s digital infrastructure, mobile coverage, user experience and provider options. 

One Discovery Square

Since opening One Discovery Square in 2019, Mortenson has demonstrated that intentional design combined with quality professional programming sparks energy, collaboration and possibility among tenants as well as with others in Rochester’s medical community.

One Discovery Square is a state-of-the-art, life sciences building that fosters knowledge, innovation and collaboration. Current tenants in the 81,000-square-foot building include: 

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